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Why Egyptian Cotton is the BEST Choice for Your Next Wholesale Socks Order?

Why Egyptian Cotton is the BEST Choice for Your Next Wholesale Socks Order?

“Welcome on board to Moody Socks Factory’s flight to Egypt, where we will introduce you to Egyptian cotton at its best! Please fasten your seat belt and GET READY!”

Coming across Egyptian cotton time after time always leaves us with more questions than answers! This magical cotton is as wealthy and prosperous as its origin; ancient, beautiful, and superior. 

The question is: WHY?! Why is it that special? And why is it a vital element in boosting your socks sales?

The answer to this question is where all the magic is hidden, but not from you ANYMORE! Because Moody Socks Factory is making sure that your socks embrace all the beauty held within Egyptian cotton.

What You Are About to Know About the Magic of Egyptian Cotton in Socks Manufacturing:

  1. Egyptian cotton has various types! Get to know the finest of them all.
  2. Egyptian cotton is different from the other types of cotton. Know how it can be the most beneficial for your socks.
  3. What Moody Socks Factory can support you with. 

1) Revealing the Secrets of Egyptian Cotton Trees: Their Types and Benefits

First things first, let’s scratch the surface and introduce to you the core of Egyptian cotton. That cotton has grown along the fertile Nile River valley, which is categorized as one of the top fertile areas for harvesting in the world. The fertile Nile River valley has the power of balancing among three of the crucial resources to the world: sun, humidity, and soil. What’s worth mentioning is that such a balance leads to the most suitable climate for cotton growth.

Upon growth, Egyptian cotton is divided into three types, distinguished by the length of the cotton fiber (also known as the staple). The three types of staples are:

  • Extra-Long Staple (ELS)
  • Long-Staple (LS)
  • Regular cotton.

Our golden rule in this regard is: you can always measure cotton quality according to the length of its fibers; the longer the fibers are, the better the cotton is. 

Egyptian Giza Cotton: The Finest of All

Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra-long staple cotton (ELS), is a species of cotton plants that is continuously cultivated to produce that specific length of fibers. The “Egyptian Giza” breed falls under ELS cotton, which is the only breed able to develop the longest staples, and accordingly, the finest. (1) 

FYI: That finest breed is exactly what we use to manufacture your perfect wholesale socks! 

2)Why Egyptian Cotton is a Superior Choice for Your Socks Than The Other Cotton Types:

Quoting Moody Socks Factory experts: “no type of cotton is like Egyptian cotton.” Your socks sales have the potential to flourish like NEVER before on this cotton’s shoulders! Let us start the cotton war and give you sufficient proof!

Egyptian Cotton vs. Regular Cotton: 

Egyptian Cotton Regular Cotton
Egyptian cotton is handpicked. Regular cotton is picked by machine.
The privilege of handpicking over machine picking is huge! And it actually has a very positive effect on the quality of the yarn. HOW?

  • It allows the cotton fibers to be handled delicately.
  • It reduces the risk of splicing as less stressed is placed on the fibers, keeping them intact.
  • It plays a major part in the longevity of the cotton.
  • It can withstand frequent washing because it is stronger.
The picking by machine process places more stress on the cotton fiber and results in a weaker yarn that splices which can create a coarser texture erasing the comfort factor out of your socks! 
Egyptian cotton also has a smaller diameter that allows more threads per square inch, and accordingly, creates the strongest socks anyone is looking for!  Regular cotton has a bigger diameter. 

Apparently, round (1) goes to Egyptian cotton! 

Maybe in the next round, another type of cotton can compete? 

Let’s figure out!

Egyptian Cotton vs. Pima Cotton:

Egyptian Cotton Pima Cotton
Egyptian cotton is made from the highest quality long-staple fiber; that’s where its strength, softness, and resistance to stress and pilling came from. Pima cotton, although it comes with many of the properties similar to Egyptian cotton, it is considered to be a secondary material. 
Egyptian cotton is an ideal investment for socks because it can last for years, that’s why it’s worth the investment.  Pima cotton from the other hand is a better color absorber than normal cotton.  
The Egyptian cotton feel is tremendously soft and smooth creating the best comfortable pair of socks.   Pima is just as soft, boasting a high absorbency rate. 
Egyptian cotton can handle a washing temperature of up to 40 degree Celsius.  Pima cotton can be washed to 60 degree Celsius. 

It’s undefeatable and wins round (2) as well! 

Does Sea Island cotton stand a chance? 

Let us question no more!

Egyptian Cotton vs. Sea Island Cotton:

Egyptian Cotton  Sea Island Cotton
Fiber Length: >35mm (Giza 45, Giza 70, Giza 87, Giza 88, Giza 94) Fiber Length: >35mm
Properties: fine, smooth hand feel, soft.  Properties: soft, silky, durable.
Usage: luxury bedding and socks.  Usage: often woven fabrics such as luxury shirts.
Market share: < 5% Market share: 0.004%
Price: high. Price: extremely high.

Close enough, yet Egyptian Cotton still takes the lead.

By recognizing ALL of the above privileges that Egyptian cotton has over other types of cotton, it becomes clear why at Moody Socks Factory, we proudly produce Egyptian cotton socks. We are sure you will accompany us in this journey too! SOON, its power will cast a spell over your manufacturing decisions. Stick around and discover yourself. 

HINT: This is not information to go on the shelf. It’s rather critical information that should lead to a decision that will go on your business’ to-do list (being producing your socks using Egyptian cotton, of course!)


Egyptian Cotton is the BEST From Your Potential Customers’ Perspectives As Well!

This is not just a title, it’s a fact that has been tested and proven!
In a cotton perception study done by Progressive Market Research (PBM) (9), Egyptian cotton was impressively superior! 

  1. When customers were asked to name one type of cotton,12% could name one. Among those 12%, 95% named Egyptian cotton. In addition, among those who could name more than one type of cotton, 100% named Egyptian cotton. 62% also preferred to own Egyptian cotton over Pima or Turkish cotton.
  2. When respondents were asked about their cotton perception towards different types of cotton, 89% of participants ranked Egyptian cotton among the top two quality types of cotton, while only 5% ranked it among the bottom two. Furthermore, 61% of participants claimed they would be willing to pay a premium to obtain Egyptian cotton.

After obtaining proven facts on the degree of demand for Egyptian cotton, it’s time to answer the WHYS.

Why Egyptian Cotton Socks Are Perceived By Customers (and Everyone) As the BEST?! 

  • Durability:
    Thanks to the strength of Egyptian cotton fiber, socks are empowered by solid fabrics that provide them with the ability to resist stress and quick damages!
  • Shine bright like a diamond:
    This is the perfect way to describe it! Egyptian cotton fiber perfectly absorbs liquids, the number one factor that makes its colors bright as the sun and always shining.
  • Pure and soft:
    Wait until you touch it! It’s pure and soft like nothing else. The secret is “hand-picking”! Whencotton is hand-picked, it allows the fibers to keep their purity. Besides, it allows the skipping of using mechanical picking, which further keeps the fibers away from any kind of stress, to maintain their shape and softness. On the socks-front, this makes Egyptian cotton socks the most comfortable and seamless.

By now, you should have a clear overview of why at Moody Socks Factory, we believe that manufacturing socks with Egyptian cotton is the most worthy privilege we can give our customers, since it makes the purchasing decision a no-brainer!

How Exactly Does Moody Socks Factory Support Your Socks ?

Egyptian cotton is perfect, BUT could it get any better? Definitely! Simply, add to the equation +38 years of experience in getting the best out of each material hands can reach! Throughout these long years, Moody Socks Factory has assembled the hacks and tricks that allow us to give Egyptian cotton the treatment it deserves to deliver top-notch socks quality. We know you’re curious now, so we’ll give away just a few secrets!

1- Besides using Egyptian Giza Cotton, the finest of all, as a main component in socks manufacturing, we’re also well-acknowledged of how to treat it right! Causing any harm to such fine cotton is something we are experts at avoiding. That’s why we use the world’s best dying materials that are world widely certified, which perfectly suit Egyptian Giza Cotton with zero harm to its fibers!

2- One last secret: we add our own constituents of hydrophilic silicone materials. That’s how we guarantee that you get the best out of Egyptain cotton and take special care of the breathability of your feet at the same time. By supporting socks with such materials, there will be less smell and harms of sweaty feet, and feet will be in comfort while having access to some fresh air.


That was an enjoyable trip full of interesting insights, wasn’t it?

Before heading off, stop and bring all this together. Here you are, only a few steps away from pushing your socks business toward sky-rocket success, which seemed impossible before you started your “flight” through this article.

You’ve seen where Moody Socks Factory and Egyptian cotton can take you, and there’s always MORE to be discovered. 

Don’t waste any more time on hesitancy, request your Egyptian cotton socks order NOW, and make use of the +70 Pantone colors ready in stock that give you a wide variety of colors and make your socks look awesome!


Moody Socks Team

Moody Socks Team

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