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The minimum order per each design, color, and size is 50 dozen (600 pairs of socks), and the minimum total order is 500 -1000 dozen.

You can contact us here or by directly sending an email our way at [email protected].

The size of your order (the quantities), the socks’ technicalities and specifications, and the designs you’re seeking to produce.


Sure! If you have your own designs and you want to produce them under your brand name/private label, we’d gladly bring them to life.

A base color plus a further five colors. Therefore, that’s six colors in total. Also note that the heel and toe colors are not included in these six colors- we’re flexible with their coloring.

Yes. The shared designs should be in Illustrator format (BMP) or Photoshop format (PSD). Moreover, the designs should be in a flat structure in order to be readable by our machines.

Your designs are safe. We have a very strong code of ethics that entails authenticity and confidentiality. According to our policies, the exchange of client designs is strictly prohibited. Your designs are yours and only yours.

Of course! We have a team of designers that are ready to support you. They’ll get in touch with you to get a brief on the design you have in mind and your final target look, and they’ll create a detailed action plan accordingly.


Yes! Hangtags, labels, and packaging designs can be customized to allow you to insert your brand’s label and mix and match to your desire.


Absolutely! We have two sample types: quality samples and customized samples. Quality samples showcase the feel and quality of our socks, regardless of the design, while customized samples are a carbon copy of your desired socks, accurately displaying the quality, design, colors, and technicalities we agreed upon.

Quality samples are for free, you only pay the shipping fees. As for customized samples, you pay for their production along with shipping fees.

The turnaround time for quality samples are 7 days at maximum (one week), while customized samples take around a week to be produced, followed by another 7 days for shipping.


Deposit and mass production! Once you receive and approve your samples and confirm your final order details, you deposit a 50% upfront payment and we proceed with mass production.

An average of a month. This is mainly because of our very thorough inspection process and quality control checks that take place during this phase to ensure that the output is up to your expectations. Read more about how it works here.

Shipping & Payments

The shipment method varies according to order size. For small orders (less than container-size), we recommend door-to-door express delivery via DHL. On the other hand, for container-sized orders, you can choose between air, land, or ocean freight, based on your destination and preferences.

Before we arrange for shipment of the order. N.B: we accept cash against document terms.

Bank/wire transfers and PayPal.

Don't hesitate to contact with us for any information or inquiries

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